alastair jackson photography gallery

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Skye in Mono portfolio The raw, majestic grandeur of the Isle of Skye is sometimes best captured in mono. In this gallery I have attempted to do that. Generations have left only to be pulled back by the lure of the island. I returned myself, and have tried to generate that feeling in my images
(Contains 7 photos)
Scottish West Coast in Mono portfolio Sometimes taking all the colour out enhances the rugged beauty of our West Coast in Scotland
(Contains 4 photos)
Isle of Raasay in Mono portfolio Images from the birthplace of the Gaelic language's great Bard - Sorley MacLean
(Contains 6 photos)
Tradeston: A Touching Display portfolio A popular definition of psychogeography is the effects of the geographical environment on the emotions and behaviour of individuals. Over the course of 3 months , I spent time traversing the abandoned tenements and burned out wastelands of Tradeston in Glasgow – an area which is testament to decades of poor planning. The results display what Howard Devoto once described as ‘negative drive’. Tradeston, so close to the city centre remains badly neglected, and the city needs impetus to regenerate it. It’s pivotal, because it would reconnect the Southside back across the river, and unless that happens, the area will continue to be a dead zone.

The title for this collection of images may seem ironic at first glance, but it is also a track from the album ‘154’, by the post-punk band Wire. A sample lyric goes – ‘a touching display/colouring my thoughts/predominantly grey’. A psychogeographical summary.